Friday, June 02, 2006

Writing The Yardies...Watching The Krays...

I'm watching a 1990 movie about the notorious British gangsters The Krays. The Krays were East London (same place my characters are from) twins who pretty anti-social to say the least. They murdered, extorted, yada, yada. But that's not what interests me. I'm interested in the dynamic between the brothers. I need to strengthen the conflict between my brothers, Biko and Tambo, to ratchet up the tension. Right now, they're WAY too cool with each other.


Jay Clayton said...

Well if you are looking to interplay tension between two brothers... try watching the movie "Boondock Saints" for some cues.

You have not already seen it. It is a very gritty yet interesting movie in the vain of "Resevoir Dogs".
check the for more details.

Lawrence said...

I'll order it from Netflix. Thanks for the recommendation!