Thursday, June 22, 2006

Please Take My Survey Please...

Hey all,

I've created a survey (at the bottom of my links section). Please take about three minutes to fill it out. Thanks!


David Anaxagoras said...

Lawrence you hack! You stole my survey idea! Okay, I stole it from John August first, but at least I waited a year :)

I love reading anything you write, but you know I'm reliving a little of my UCLA days through you. I want to SMELL the Melnitz in your posts, man.

By the way, the last page of your survey is a thank you note from the president of Survey Monkey. I think it's left over from the sample survey.

Lawrence said...

Actually, I consider it an...homage...LOL! I read yours and thought, wow, that's a great idea!

One more year at good ole Melnitz and I'm outtie! I love the film school, but never wanted to get too comfortable. Get the tools, write, write and write, and then roll out.

Thanks for the compliment about my writing and I wouldn't have started this blog if I hadn't happened upon yours. So you inspired me first!

I'll change that Survey Monkey stuff. Hey, they deserve a shout out for making it free.