Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hoodie Tees Photo Shoot...

One of the beautiful things about UCLA, is that if you're smart, it's sort of a swiss knife. It's useful for a lot of things, and a lot of those things are free (or at least sort of). For example, I needed a place for a photo shoot. I needed a place with visual interest and in an outdoor area where people wouldn't mess with us. What about the Murphy Sculpture Garden on the UCLA campus? Nothing like millions of dollars worth of sculpture (which normally only get passing students and rampaging dogs as visitors) as a backdrop for my models.

So we're at the Sculpture Garden and my models are simply great. Great attitude, and nice people. Craigslist works again. It takes up about two hours to get stuff done (using the expert skills of my frat brother photographer and LA Angels photog Jeff Lewis) and I think it will add a lot to my coming Hoodie Tees website.

I even think I found a publicist at the shoot. One of the models mentioned that her publicist was interested in our t-shirts, and I think I can go beyond that with her. I'll set up a session within the next few weeks.

On the exercise front, I need to find a yoga class. Playing softball every week has made me more and more stiff. I try to stretch, but it's not working.

Money Shot is moseying along. I'll work on it a bit more this weekend, passing the 5000 word mark. i'll call Lex to see what's happening next week.

The changes to the Yardies script have been stewing in my brain, so I've been working on that script too, although I won't change the progress bar. What I'm doing is introing a character a lot earlier, killing off another character, and making Biko's love interest more, well, interesting.

I also have an idea. Nearly everyday, I receive an email asking basic questions about getting a book published. So I'm going to write a FAQ for book publishing that should answer most, if not all, questions. Most new writers think that their situation is unique, when in reality, it's not. Not by a long shot. The publishing industry relies on making the process routine, but I'll try to clarify it step by step.

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