Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lagging, But Motivated...

All right, I've been lagging a bit on writing Money Shot. I really wish there was some transcription software for Mac (and if anyone knows some, holla!), but it's a bit tough transcribing and writing at the same time. But I'm making a bit of progress. I'll work on the manuscript until about two in the morning. I think I'll get to the four thousand word mark. Tomorrow, I may get up and start writing during the day, but it's so damn hot, that it really kills any motivation I have to write.

BTW, since writing The Yardies Go Boom Boom script, I've been watching pulp films on IFC. I just caught a really good one called Fulltime Killer, a classic Hong Kong assassin film. I watched Layer Cake, The Krays, but this is the best yet. Check it out if you can.

News on Money Shot from Thunder's Mouth. The pub date is May 2007. Great! Just in time for the old "Summer Reads" lists. I'm going to overload my units for the fall, so that I'll only have a 434 advanced screenwriting class for the winter quarter, and then I'll be done. If I don't have to come back to UCLA for the spring quarter, I won't. I will have the units I need for graduation, and if the fiction version of Money Shot comes out before the non-fiction version, then I'll need that free time. BTW, I really need to come up with a name for the fiction Money Shot.

Signed up the munchkin to AYSO soccer. That starts in September.


Jay Clayton said...

yeh I watch IFC too. I saw Full Time Killer last Cool Flick!!!

RageyOne said...

Here are two programs I used while transcribing for my dissertation:

Transcriva (shareware, $20) - really user friendly and allows you to transcribe in the program and then export to MS Word.

Express Scribe (free) - allows you to transcribe in MS Word, but has sound issues when you slow down the speed of the voice.

Lawrence said...

I'd looked at Express Scribe and thought about getting it, but thanks for the look out. I'm going to check out Transcriva today. A brotha is gettin' tired transcribing via the software I have now.

Lawrence said...


O was the bomb. Actually, both assassins were great characters. My classic line from the script:

O: You speak good Japanese.
Tok: I spent five years learning how. And then I find out that you don't speak a lot. How ironic.