Thursday, June 08, 2006


1. I got on the scale this morning: 217lbs. NOT GOOD. But that's what happens when you slip for the past week and eat a few donuts, some ice cream, and other carbs. I'm on that slippery slope, and as soon as I finish writing this post, I'm off to the Wooden Center for the lifecycle.

2. Meeting with MK today. This summer, we're working on a really exciting documentary.

3. Need to finish writing a six page paper for Guber's class and then a two pager for Suber's. After that, I'll be done for the quarter.

4. Need to pick up new business cards. They're red, black and green, ya know what I mean?

5. I need to set my airline travel to NYC and the DC for this July.

6. Later tonight, I'm volunteering to mock interview eighth graders who are looking to enter some of LA's best high schools.

7. Play Call of Duty until I get to the next level.

8. Go BACK to the gym and work out another 45 minutes.

9. Contact Lex about next week. I'm going to shadow him pretty much for the rest of the summer.

10. Get ad done for my Fraternity Convention Journal.

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