Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ouzo and Belly Dancing!

Last night, we did the daily double. First, we attended the graduation dinner for my boy MK Asante. It was really cool to see everyone honor my boy because he's the LeBron of the academic world. We had a great time, eating rice and peas, fried fish, and plantains. After that, we hustled to Orange County to kick it with my boy Tony, who was celebrating his 40th. Our destination was a Mediterranean restaurant, complete with ouzo, olives, sausages, kebabs, the most fragrant rice you could imagine, and beautiful belly dancers! It was a great party, everyone was dancing, including me, as I tried to shake my hips the Persian way. We've gotta go back soon.

It's Father's Day right now, and I'm kicking it. I may write, or I may not. We're going to a Mexican restaurant later, and then I'm going to sleep. lol So Happy Father's Day to everyone.

BTW, we got Langston's report card: OUTSTANDING in every catagory. It's the best Father's Day gift I could receive.

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