Monday, June 05, 2006

Script #2 Done...

Well, The Yardies Go Boom Boom is finally done. It came out to 113 pages and a lot of the third act is WP, which is short hand for writers problem. I gave the story a bit of a twist, a bit of mystery, and a bit of a surprise ending. But if there's one thing I've learned at UCLA is that a first draft is horrible. And this is a first draft. In reality, this the skeleton of the body. The muscle comes from many, many, many, many drafts. This draft of The Yardies stands up like a skeleton in a doctor's office. A bit limp, a bit scary looking, but the bones are in the right places. Over the next week, I'll try to clean it up before turning it in to my 434 teacher Dave.

This is the last week of the quarter, so I have a class with Peter Guber tonight. Then I have my last class with Howard Suber. Suber's class has been great. As I always talk about, I'm not a film guy. So it was a revelation.

I think I'll give myself about a week of non-writing and then get into Money Shot.


David Anaxagoras said...

Congrats! You've accomplished a lot this year. Enjoy your week off.

Lawrence said...

Thanks man! I have a couple of papers to do, and then I'm relaxing.