Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What's On Tap Today?

Today, there are no classes, so it's writing and getting stuff done. I'm going to contact a porn talent scout I met in Vegas and see if I can hang out with him as he goes on the look out for new talent. Also, I need to get back in contact with my main subject in order to see what's happening with his business. That's on the porn end.

On the writing end, I want to write freely for about ten pages on MEN OF THEIR TIMES. I'm not going to worry about if it's right, I can go back over it later and either delete it or rewrite it. I just to see where my character is going.

Yesterday, I had my comedy class with Fred Rubin, and it's quickly becoming my favorite class. We're going over a lot of stuff as it relates to character development, specifically to comedy, but it's working for dramatic work to. Again, Groundlings co-founder Phyliss Katz came in and worked us through some improv, and I just might take her Improv writing course. She was really good.

As for assignments, I need to do Hal's Screen-O-Gram, which helps you plot out your script. That will take time. Then, I need to go over the premise for my comedy script, and then do a character breakdown for my two main characters. Should be a piece of cake. I've been up since 6:30am, so I think I'll start work about 9am.


guyot said...

I'm in LA. When do I get to see that Ducati???

Lawrence said...

Wait, I never blogged about that? I crashed the Duc and damn near killed myself. On the first day of school at UCLA, I was pulling out of my driveway, and the throttle went wide open. The next thing I know, I was hitting the front corner of an SUV driven by, get the irony of it, Clint Eastwood's son. My beautiful Monster was totaled, and I suffered a broken left patella, and two severely injured MCLs. I literally couldn't walk without pain for about two months, and I still have pain in my right leg.

But other than that, we should get together for lunch. I can't today, but let me know how long you're in town. Maybe on Friday?

guyot said...

Holy High-side, Batman!

Glad you're okay... um, are you?

Friday is no good. But email me and let's figure out something, even if it's just coffee.

Lawrence said...

I will. BTW, I can't get to your website. It's password protected.