Friday, January 20, 2006

This Week...

The last class I'm taking is a show running class being taught by Paul Nagel from the William Morris Agency. In short, we're learning how to create and package a show for a television network/s. At UCLA, there are relatively few television classes, so this class was filled with MFA students, a few law students, and a couple of MBA students. Showrunning is where the cash is, so the students follow the money. Since this is a producers program, most of the screenwriters were worried getting in, but there were enough spots. So with that, my schedule is done. Three classes, sixteen units.

This week was pretty much a waste, writing wise. Okay, not a complete waste, but I didn't write as much as I meant too. I'm almost done with Fred's comedy assignment, but still need to work on Hal's Scene-O-Gram. I'll do that later tonight.

In the coming days, I'm going to be meeting with my Sloan science professor (more on that later next week), so that I can start thinking about the science scenes for MEN OF THEIR TIMES.

Starting Weight: 226lb.
Beginning of Week Two: 221lb.
End of Week Two: 218lb.
Target Weight: 190lb.

Amazing what eating well and moving will do for a body. LOL

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