Monday, January 09, 2006

School, Working Out, and No More Chocolate...

Today is the first day of the quarter. I have to pitch Latimer to two advanced screenwriting teachers today, and hopefully it'll go well. I'm pretty confident in the material, so it shouldn't be a problem, however you never know. I just need to be concise. The start of school means that I have to reluctantly put my copy of "Call To Duty" in mothballs for a while.

I got up this morning at 6:30am and worked out at the Wooden Center. The goal is to lose about forty pounds this year and get in shape. Too many headaches, body aches, and general lumpiness. I had the wife take front, side and back picture (sort of like the 360 degree mirror they use in What Not To Wear) and boy was it revealing. It's amazing what your brain will tell you look like, and what you ACTUALLY look like. So I have a nice program set up. One of my saving graces is that I lose weight pretty rapidly when I actually change my diet and exercise. I've done it before, but writing and lecturing tends to throw a monkey wrench into my plans. Now I have no excuse. So it is four times a week at the gym, watching The Big Lebowski on the iPod (the best damn gym invention ever).

BTW, Final Draft is f*ing up. Every so often, it won't recognize my serial number, so I have to keep my disk in the computer to save my work. That's a real drag.

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