Monday, January 23, 2006

The Goals This Week...

Kobe went for 81 last night, so that's inspired me to go for the gold this week. Get EVERYTHING done that I need to get done. Ten pages for MEN OF THEIR TIMES. Buy the Creative Directory for my Showrunning class. Get a fast start on Fred's new assignment. That's UCLA.

For the porn project: Contact the talent scout and schedule a time to follow him around. Contact my main subject for the book. Finally find the transcriber for my interviews. Go back over the proposed Table of Contents and tweak it. Set up my contacts list because I'm always bad doing that. I tend to have business cards and things all around, instead of having them put in a file.

For the diet: More of the same. Work out at least three times this week, mainly on the days I have school. Eat six meals a day. Avoid carbs and sugar. Drink eight glasses of water. Add 50 crunches per hour to the regime. The one big problem is getting to bed by midnight, because I love writing at night. So I may amend that to getting to bed by 2am.

Starting Weight: 226lbs.
Start of Week Three Weight: 218lbs.
Goal Weight: 190lbs.

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