Thursday, January 19, 2006

Only One Page Done...

Okay, so I only wrote one page yesterday, played a lot of Call to Duty (thought I would retire it, but I got to the Russian sector), and then started work on Fred's comedy assignment. And then I slept for a few hours. Never did contact the porn talent scout. So sue me. Sometimes, it be's like dat. Got class tonight, and then it's back to the grindstone. I still have to do Hal's Screen-O-Gram, but I'm dedicating all day Friday to it.

We just pulled Langston out of Warner Elementary and put him back in his old Catholic school. Warner was so cold and distant, it's going to make a great template for a script one day. The stories I could tell and will tell. It'll be a very dark movie. Beware of 10 out 10 school credentials. That's a nice fascade, but the inside could be rotten as a fish sold on Monday. Two days back at his Catholic school and my son is 1000% more happy. Saw all of his old friends and it was like coming home. He'll be there for the next eight years, just like I was.

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