Sunday, January 29, 2006

Britain and Television...

When I was around thirteen years old, back in the days with seven channels, and midnight meant that the station went to test patterns, I used to watch thousands of hours of PBS. It was different, and it seemed like my own private world. And I actually liked the programming. And one of the things I liked was the British programming. It started with a little sitcom called "Butterflies". It was a rather ordinary comedy about a bored housewife who was on the verge of having an affair, but never does. Loved it. From there, it was Up Pompeii!, Are you being served? Chef! (a personal favorite), Monty Python's FC, and thousands more. After that, I started liking British culture in general, and now I've been a Manchester United fan for the past fifteen years. Why am I talking about this?

My new show is on AMC, and it's called Hustle. Hustle stars Adrien Lester, and is about a group of grifters. I've always been an Adrien Lester fan, (although in America, he's most famous for Primary Colors). If you get a chance, check it out. Hustle is a show that I'd like to emulate when I start balling as a big writer/producer.

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