Monday, January 02, 2006

Big Ups!

Big Ups to my boy Dave at Man Bytes Hollywood! For the past week, good ole blogger wasn't letting a brother post to his own blog, AND user comments weren't posting. Double plus ungood. But upon his genius recommendation, I've changed templates, and voila, things are kopastetic again. I've also decided that I'm going to liven the blog up a bit with some pictures.

So it's January 2nd, and I've eaten too much gumbo. To wash it down, I decided to treat myself with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The good ole diet begins on January 9th, first day of school for the quarter, so I figure I should get in all of the bad stuff right now.

In a couple of days, I go back to the land of adult make believe, Las Vegas, as I begin work on my next book, Money Shot. From Jan. 5th to the 8th, the Adult Video News magazine will be holding its annual convention and award show. For me, this is a WONDERFUL opportunity to conduct interviews in one place. My deadline for the book is September, and with school, I don't have a ton of time to waste. So among the silicone, nakedness, heavy makeup, and buzzing toys, will be a guy with a digital recorder hoping to get great stories from the folks on the outside of polite society. Ya gotta love it!

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David Anaxagoras said...

tweren't nothin. Just glad I could help. I like the new color scheme besides.