Monday, January 16, 2006

Top 'o the Week To Ya!

Happy MLK Day! A great man, and we should never forget how he created a non-violent social revolution at a time when oppressed peoples around the world were picking up guns. He saved America society.

Now, today. First day of Hal's 434 and man, it was great. We all brought the stories to our scripts and you could see the difference between what we were doing in 431 (intro to screenwriting) and 434 (advanced). The stories were much more developed, more well thoughtout, and made SENSE. In 431, I thought a lot of our stories made overall sense, but when you got into them, some kind of fell apart. That's not to say they couldn't be saved, but they were sort of immature, including my own first story. But in 434, the stories were GOOD. Interesting, different, and adventurous. And I could see them as fillms.

So now it's on to Hal's Screen-O-Gram. Tomorrow is Fred's comedy class.

Weight Loss Update:
Start of Week Two:
Starting weight: 226lbs.
Today's weight: 221lbs.
Target weight: 190lbs.

Back at the gym tomorrow.

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