Saturday, May 28, 2005

Things to Accomplish Next Week...

1. Solidify booksigning schedule for September. I'm pretty much going to do three per week, beginning right after Labor Day. I think I'll do ten or twelve cities. I have to do them before UCLA starts on September 26.

2. Finish FWB edit from the production editor. They are trying to make me hate my own book, I've read it so many times. But after I do this, only galleys and the real book lie ahead.

3. Write 15,000 words on porn book. I'm at 40,000 right now. Also, the main porn scene is written, which was probably the hardest to write. I feel like I'm writing downhill now.

4. Continue working on the Killer Ap.

5. Start calling my journalistic contacts about FWB, and alerting them to the fact that they should declare FWB the next great
American novel. lol

6. Continue de-cluttering the house. Lease signed on the apartment, now gotta prep house for sale. You accumulate a ton of stuff, and don't even know it.

7. I have been promised by American Suzuki that they will let me know when I receive my bike this week. They have been dragging, so I'm hoping to get it soon. I will follow up.

8. It's the end of May, and that means one thing: ROYALTIES! Nothing like a summer present.

That's it on the biz tip.

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