Monday, May 30, 2005

re: the Final Production Edit...

All right. I'm reading Friends With Benefits for the TWO MILLIONTH time. Someone bleed me. What I have in my hand is the manuscript as sent from my production editor. Basically, it looks like my book, but in manuscript form. My job, in the next day or so, is to make sure that little things like character names, dates and events, are consistent. Tedious, but necessary. Because the minute you miss one, it will SHOUT at you when your book comes back to you completed. The other thing I have to check for are typesetting issues, and that's where I'm having problems. In my chapters, I have spaces between some transitional points and they are crucial. Well, the typesetter decided to crunch them together. Double plus ungood because crunched together, the transitions don't make sense. So there will be a lot of # marks sent back to the publisher. Happy Memorial Day!

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