Thursday, March 16, 2006

re: The Pitch...

Hey all,

I had a great meeting today. The two development people I met at the production company were SUPER cool. Not fake, Hollywoody, but real folks that you could kick it with. Also, they remarked that my pitch was really good and they could see the show. That was another plus, because I remember pitching a show about two years ago, and we did almost everything wrong (I pitched it with a writing partner). In this pitch, I was clear and concise and to the point. And lastly, they said that the formatting of my reality show was spot on. That's important because it means the show makes logical sense.

The bad news is that they didn't buy the show. They made some great arguments about the subject matter being difficult to capture on screen, and pointed to a couple of shows like my show (never believe your idea is unique. It ain't.) which failed. BUT, I left the meeting feeling good, and also knowing that in order to make my show different than those shows that failed, I think I could make a few tweeks, and then pitch it some more. I just may pitch it to Tyra's production company, Bankable Productions. She's an Inglewood girl.

Anyway, a GREAT experience anyway. If you're going to get in this business, you need to make sure that you are a sunny optimist, even though the path to success is one with a decidely negative slope. As I've said before, I sit on the couch with a 100% "No" decision on any idea. If you don't go out there and see if it's any good, then you don't afford yourself the 2-5% chance of getting a "Yes".

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