Friday, March 17, 2006

The Quarter finally over...

I met with Hal to get the final notes on MEN OF THEIR TIMES. He had some great ideas about how to sharpen Langston's voice, and also how to get a character that I really didn't exploit well, into the mix. He told me that I'm about 50-60% there, so I'm feeling pretty hyped. I'm going to rewrite it over the next quarter cause I want it ready to shop by the summer.

I sold my truck yesterday, and it was tough watching it go. Bought her new and she really did me well. But she also sucked at gas mileage. My Jeep will be ready next week, so for the meantime, I'll be rolling my wife's Jeep Liberty. I'll be easy to see. I'm the brotha carrying a keychain that has a rhinestone heart (can't seem to find any other key for the car other than the wifey's).

We also have a bunch of contests to enter. But for now, I'm laying on the couch.

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