Saturday, March 04, 2006

Home Stretch for MEN OF THEIR TIMES...

The full script is due a week from next Monday, and I still have to:

1. Rewrite portions of Act II.
2. Meet with my science mentor for three science scenes
3. Write Act III.

I'm also on the Showcase committee, so I have some calls to make. AND, there's a comedy script comp that I'm entering too. Oh, and the two book contracts are in the mail. So I'm going to be a busy brotha.


David said...

Hey Lawrence--

What's the comedy script competition?

And are you applying for Rubin's pilot writing class?

Lawrence said...

The script comp is the Humanitas competition. I can forward it to you. As for Fred's pilot writing class, I'm contemplating it, but not sure. I may just take my 434, and two critical studies courses to get them out of the way. I have to get cracking on my book, which I've lagged on.