Sunday, July 30, 2006

Signing at the Alpha Convention...

If there's one thing I can never complain about, it's the support my Fraternity Brothers have given me. Brothers have seriously purchased my Divine Nine and Friends With Benefits two or three times, and my hand nearly cramped from selling so many books at the Alpha Convention. The sinuses still are bumping, but I forced myself to get up and relax a bit last night. Went to a couple of suites and partook in some orange juice, cold water, and then when I was feeling better, a bit of Merlot. Got in a few games on the domino table, couldn't get a good hand all night, and generally had a great time with the Brothers. I was pretty mellow by the time I'd gotten back to the hotel room, which was about 4am.

So now, it's rolling out to BWI and on home. I miss my beautiful wife and son, which I always do. BTW, it's always great to see Black men at the convention who are not the subject of either Bill Cosby's rants, or some social scientist's theory of black pathology. We're the ones who work hard, love our wives, love and raise our children, worry about expenses, and hope to make a contribution to society as best we can. It pumps me up to see so many positive brothers, all with college educations, fellowshipping. And to know that there are nine organizations filled with black men and women like this, well, it warms my heart.

I need something to eat, something other than a burger.

Tomorrow, I have an interview for the NBC/NAACP Fellowship. After that, I'm going to set up my Money Shot schedule. So look for MASSIVE amounts of progress on the book when it comes to word count. When I'm not writing, I tend to miss writing. And for the past week, I haven't written anything, and now I feel like writing everything. So I don't think I have anything to worry about when it comes to my deadline in about seventy five days.

Man, Karen leaving Kensington is pretty discomforting. She's really been a great friend, and bought my first three books, so it's going to be weird working with a new editor at that house, particularly at this point. I only have her Kensington email addy, so I can't really get in contact with her, but I'd LOVE to know what was the dealio. She created the black book line at Kensington (Dafina), so her move to Warner is a coup for Warner.

All right, hope all are well. I met a number of you at my convention, and it was great to know that you're all reading. More later!

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RageyOne said...

That is great about the support for The Divine Nine. I read a few years back and really enjoyed reading the histories of the various fraternal organizations.