Thursday, July 06, 2006

Money Shot Update...

I'm pretty much done with the rough draft of Chapter One of Money Shot. It's not tight by any means, but it'll do for now. I really wanted to just introduce Lex in this chapter, and I think it works well. By the time I finish tonight, I'll be around 5000 words.

Tomorrow: Send out Kensington Contract in the morning mail.
Saturday: Write all day. Get the word count to about 10,000
Sunday: Write all day: Get the word count to about 15,000
Monday: Go to Lexington porn shoot all day.
Tuesday: Contact porn stars I've haven't approached and start doing telephone interviews. I tend to hate telephone interviews and I'd rather do them in person, but time is of the essence. I have about ninety days until this manuscript is due.
Wednesday: Write all day: Get the word count to about 20,000
Thursday: Contact Anita, my editor, about getting a work for hire contract. I think I want my boy Jeff to take artistic photos of the porn stars for the book. I need to get her permission because I don't think I had photos in the book proposal, and I don't want to pay for the photos and can't use them.
Friday: Write all day and get the word count to 25,000.
Saturday: Rest

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