Tuesday, July 11, 2006


My day started off great. My mom brought the munchkin home, so all is well. The fish tank, which has been leaking profusely for the past month, finally reached critical mass. So it was remove the fish, empty the tank, and carry that smelly, leaky, heavy ass tank back across town to the pet store. I was ready for battle with owner, until he showed me why the tank was leaking. The filters were filthy. I simply needed to change them. That really made me eat a bit of humble pie. So two hours later, with hands that smell like fish (and will for weeks), the problem was finally solved.

Met with my boy MK, who is just DOING it! He is making a documentary that will be as important as any I've seen about the African American community. I just can't tell you what it's about. But he, and a few other UCLA students, are ripping their project.

Tomorrow, like Scarlett famously proclaimed, is another day. I'm going to wake up, head to the gym in order to get back on the weight loss track (I'm rolling 218lbs now. That's about six pounds over what I reached when I was pretty dedicated). But, about seven days on the lifecycle and good eating should kill that.

After going to the gym, it'll be a back to the crib to shower and then all day at the Westwood Novel (where I met MK today. That was a damn good Strawberry Lemonade.) I think I'll spend at least six hours there writing Money Shot. If that works, then I'll rinse and repeat the rest of the week.

BTW, got a bit of info about the NBC/NAACP Fellowship. An NBC rep and NAACP rep will be interviewing us on July 24th. Only prob: I fly out to the East Coast that day. Bummer. But they're going to reschedule me later when I get back. After that, we'll find out who gets the fellowship.

HoodieTees.com is a HIT! In just two days, I'm getting about two sales per hour. Nothing like waking up to sales. I sent out the first batch of tees, and as I was writing this post, I just got two more orders. Soon, I'm going to add about fifty more designs to the site.

What I'm listening to now? KRS-One: Step Into A World

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