Tuesday, July 11, 2006

One Other Thing...

My option project fell apart. My subject is a REALLY sweet person and I think she has a great story, but there were a lot of red flags. One, she is really committed to writing a book about her life and she thinks there would be a conflict between my script and her book. I tried to explain as much as possible that bios are hard, if not impossible to sell, especially if you don't have a hook. Anyone in the publishing industry will tell you that it's even hard for celebs to sell a bio. But I've learned one thing about writers and books. I can't and won't discourage anyone from writing their book, regardless of the odds. That's simply not fair.

But I think she was getting bad advice from her advisors who were all afraid that my option would hinder her opportunity to sell her manuscript. The manuscript is not done and I explained that even if it were done today and sold today, it would still take two years to come to market. However, if I wrote a script and she finished her book, AND the script sold, she could have an agent shop the manuscript with the added note that a script about her life was already sold, she would come to the publishers with a bit of clout. Now, she's just in the same pile as all of the other people with inspirational stories. But c'est la vie. Maybe later?

So I'm on to the story I was going to write for the Fall before the option project. It's called BESTSELLER, and I think it's a winner. But then, I believe all my stories are winners, or I wouldn't do it. LOL

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