Thursday, July 13, 2006

Relaxing and Maxing...

I had my shave today and I think it changed my life. Seriously, as my seven year old says. I walked into The Shave of Beverly Hills, thinking that this was going to be disappointing, after all of the build up, but NO. Look, I'm not saying that a man should pay $65 for a shave everyday, but if you want to feel just a bit better about yourself, this is the lick.

They lean you back...oh I can't describe it. It's just good. The brotha holding the straight edge simply removed every hair follicle on my face (except for the 'stache, goatee, and soul patch lol). The trim of the mustache and goatee? Perfect. The wife can't stop staring. The cheeks are so smooth that I can't stop touching it. No razor burn. No nicks or cuts. Look, if you want to get the best shave ever, go. Seriously.

On the writing front, I'm just relaxing. I'm not going to stress, cause I've been stressing way too much lately. It'll get done. I'm getting ready to go to my Frat convention, and I'll probably dine on a diet of Makers Mark and water for seven days. After that, I'll get back on Money Shot.

Oh, after I get back from DC, I have an interview with NBC and the NAACP for their fellowship. All of the other finalists will meet when I'm on the East Coast, so it's cool that they set up a time for me.

On another front, an agent had his assistant read Men Of Their Times, and the assistant liked it. The agent is going to read the script, and if he likes it, he's going to float my name for a project that is already fully financed. That, in an understatement, would be cool. But cart is running WAY before the horse. We'll see how it rolls.

My face feels sooooo good...

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