Tuesday, August 01, 2006

NBC/NAACP Fellowship Interview...

I had my NBC/NAACP Fellowship interview yesterday, and my cold was still going strong. The interview was held at the NAACP offices on Wilshire, the same building where my frat brother Brian Dunn works. He's a partner in Johnnie Cochran's law firm.

The interview went well I think. I met with Ted Frank from NBC and Vic Bullock from the NAACP. If I get the fellowship, Frank would be sort of a mentor at NBC, and I would work on social issues as it pertained to Hollywood via the NAACP. Also, I would be able to work on the production side of the Image Awards. That appeals to me because I envision myself as being a writer/producer.

They said that they'd make a decision soon, so that's cool. I need to figure out my schedule for next year. Likely, I'm going to take about twenty units for the Fall, and then only eight for the winter. That will complete my degree requirements, and I can spend the Spring promoting Money Shot. And speaking of Money Shot...

I'm spending the week with Lexington, beginning this morning...Time to get my ass in gear.

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