Wednesday, July 05, 2006


So after the Dallas trip, and then shooting off bottle rockets at my boy Tony's house (New Mexico is fireworks heaven when you live in safe and boring fireworks California. I bought about $100 worth of fireworks in New Mexico, brought them back to Cali and I still have a ton left.) it's time to get back to work. But I really don't feel like it. What I feel like doing is laying on the floor, watching television, and then falling asleep. But I need to get to about 10,000 words by Friday, and then 15,000 by the end of the weekend. Langston will be back next week, so I need to take advantage of the time. One thing that is putting a crimp into my work is the heat during the day. No matter how much I want to, I just can't write when it's sweltering. But I write at night mostly, so I have no excuse. Oh hell, I'm just feeling damn lazy and I don't want to admit it.

On other fronts, MK is almost done with the t-shirt site. It looks really nice and in a week or so, I'll be sending out press releases about it. I need to write them now (generally you try to give reporters about a ten day lead on your press release.)

I need to send the Kensington contract back to my agent Manie. It's in my best interest to do so since I don't get paid my advance until it gets back to them. But like always, I lag.

In a little more than three weeks, I head out to the East Coast for a mix of biz and fun. So I'm trying to prep for that.

This summer is FLYING by, but one nice thing is that UCLA doesn't start until the first of October. BTW, on that front, I think I'm going to take about twenty units in the Fall. One reason: There are a lot of classes I want to take then. Two, with twenty units, I'll only have a 434 left in the winter for graduation. Now, if I get the ABC Fellowship (which begins in January), I'd be pretty free. And third, I can then make a decision about taking more classes in the Spring, going on lectures, or prepping for the book releases. Or all three.

On Money Shot, I've emailed Lex because I need to follow him for a couple of days next week. I also need to contact a few hip hop artists that are dabbling in porn. Ice T is my first target, but there are plenty of others. Getting back to my Money Shot goals, I really should be at 40,000 words by July 24th.

Sorry about the rambling nature of this post, but that's pretty much where I am this evening.

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