Saturday, February 24, 2007


So the third and final (at least for the near future) draft of SECRETS & LIVES is done. This is the one Krystal will use for her thesis, so I hope it works. After March 15th, we'll probably do about three more drafts in order to get it ready by graduation in June.

Next on the weekend agenda, for tonight, is to do my Icono observations. Tomorrow, I will complete the copyedit for the fiction manuscript. My editor at Kensington asked for it, and I feel bad, but I was pretty swamped. But once that's done, I'm left with two projects. One is Free Love in Utopia, which is due on March 9th, and the other is the non-fiction manuscript, which is due on March 15th.

Now, I've looked at March 15th as my liberation day, but it may not be. I'll probably take a week off, and then start working on the TV-One project. That's due in June also. And, if my agent can come to an agreement with Kensington, then I'll be expect to do an update of The Divine Nine. That'll be due around June too.

April is at the Oscar's, so my and the kid did the lay about thing. I had to write, so he chilled and played Nintendo all day. Then we gorged on pizza. Between that, we played a lot of rock, paper, scisssors, watched The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, which he thoroughly enjoyed, and then he was knocked out at 8pm.

Manchester United eeked out a win, but Cal got blown by USC. Another disappointing basketball season.

Next week, I'm going to start getting the judges for the annual UCLA Screenwriters Showcase.

Did anyone even notice that Will Farrell came out with Stranger than Fiction?

The undergraduate screenwriting class I teach is about to end, and I hate to see them leave. It was fun as hell, and the students are great. It would be nice to teach it next quarter.


David said...

What's your wife up to at the Oscars?

I can't believe we're so far into the quarter already. I am behind on my script in a pretty major way.

Lawrence said...

She's working for E! Entertainment on their red carpet coverage.

As for my script, I'm behind, but I'm determined to finish it, no matter what, by next Friday. Richard wants it on March 9th, a week before the end of the quarter, which makes it doubly hard. But screw it, I'm about halfway done now, and I'm going to pump out pages. In fact, I think I'm going to work on it tonight versus doing Icono work. I'll get up early tomorrow to do my Iconowork and then finish my copyedit by Monday.darbypark