Thursday, February 01, 2007

Back in LA...

All right, I'm back from Minneapolis, where the beer is cold and the black folks are absolutely freezing.

This weekend is not only the Super Bowl, but my son's birthday. We're taking him and his friends to a go-kart racing place, so that should be fun.

Now, let's get to the writing changes.

1. Icono: Gotta trend and five obs to do.
2.Okay, I was going to do a comedy spoof script, when it suddenly dawned on me that I didn't want to write it. Not that it wasn't good, but in light of what is happening in society, it seemed a bit frivilous. So I'm writing a new script called Free Love in Utopia, which is about an Iraqi veteran. So that's going well.
3. Need to finish second draft of Secrets & Lives USC script by Monday.
4. Got the edit notes from Thunder's Mouth about the book. Great notes, but still a lot of work to finish. I have until March 15th. Also, they want to know about my next book proposal. I'll finish that one after I finish what I'm working on now.

That's what I'm focusing on for the near future.

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