Thursday, February 08, 2007

Back from Mississippi...

I'm back from Mississippi, and although I tend to have a love/hate feeling with being in the state,because of all of the bloody history, there's one thing I can never dispute: The people of Mississippi I've met are the nicest anywhere. Seriously. Just plain nice. I spoke at the University of Southern Mississippi last night, and it was the second time I'd been there. I spoke there about seven years ago, and had a great time then too. But I've been up since 4:30am, so I'm bushed.

Got home, and picked up the kiddo. He did his poem beautifully, and received two awards-one for citizenship and the honor roll. The Citizenship one was curious since Langston decked that kid for bad use of sarcasm, but it's Catholic school, so it must have been forgiven.

Both April and Langston have a cold now. April is really f*ed up with a head cold, and Langston is beginning. Didn't mean to spread my sickness, but for once, I wasn't the last to get it.

The USC script is FINALLY clicking! Here was the problem. I tend to write a very passive first draft. My characters are passive, the action is passive, etc. I know this going in. What I always have to do is look at it again, and then figure out how to rearrange the puzzle pieces so that things are more active. It takes time, and so I asked Krystal for a bit more time until Saturday. Now, my main character is there, where she was sort of an observer, which makes her very boring. So this second draft will be much better than the first one.

For now, that's what I'm going to work on. I'll slip her the draft on Saturday, and then try to knock out my fiction manuscript copyedit by the end of the weekend. Two birds with one stone. After that, finish the non-fiction manuscript and get Free Love to the second act by the end of next week.

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