Friday, February 23, 2007

Good day today...

Agreed to a development deal with TV-One at breakfast. That was cool.

Free Love In Utopia is coming together. When I write a script, as you know I'm a minimalist. One of the problems of writing a script in ten weeks is that at some point, you begin to lose your minimalist tendency as you race to get it done. But like when you cook a huge meal, I'm trying to clean up as I go. Think conflict. More conflict.

Still to finish:

1. Copyedit for fiction manuscript
2. Third draft for pilot ep. This is a real one, so I need to format it correctly. To date, I've just been writing it.
3. Get my observations in.
4. I have an advisory call to prep for on Monday.
5. Get ready to close Free Love in Utopia. I think I can get close to finish.
6. Prep for Greek conference

After this weekend, SECRETS & LIVES and the fiction manuscript drop off the calendar. If I can finish Free Love, I can spend a week cleaning it up versus writing it. After that, I just have my normal Icono and non-fiction manuscript. Technicially, I should be done with hard deadline writing projects on March 15th.

But of course, that's not how things work. For TV-One, I need to finish a treatment, due in June. And my publisher has proposed an update of The Divine Nine. That's to be determined. That would be due in June also.

BTW, gotta thank my boy Dave for the progress bars.

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