Wednesday, February 07, 2007

In Atlanta on my way to Mississippi

Right now, I'm sitting in Atlanta Hartsfield airport, waiting for a flight to Jackson, Mississippi, so that I can drive 100 miles to the University of Southern Mississippi. I left LAX at 11pm after having been flisked so thoroughly that I should have received a dozen red roses from my frisker.

What's cool about this trip however, is that I can do a little Icono research. It just so happens that I have a call on Friday with a client based in the Gulf Coast. So I'm going to do a bit of field research while in Hattiesburg.

My USC script will be ready this Saturday. Funny, but my projects (which are overwhelming at this point) are "knock on wood" falling one by one. I'm getting sleep so the brain is working more efficiently. Let me tell you: NEVER get in the habit of doing all nighters. It will wreck your health and your writing. Just go to sleep and start again in the morning.

My girl Donna's going to be out at least another ten days, so I have that added weight at Icono, but so far, it hasn't been too bad. We'll see as the ten days continue.

So I creep along to my March 15th D-Day. By that date, everything on my table should be done. And I do mean everything.

I was going to my 434 class two days ago (by the way, I'm fighting a massive head cold that I conveniently gave to April) and I realized that two years at UCLA flew by. I've had a ball, and while I'll be sad to not have the day to day interaction with my fellow students, it's time to finish up and fly. I came to UCLA to get the tools, and while I'm not anywhere near creating anything except a first draft, I feel I can use the tools to ultimately craft a script that sells.

Alright, I'm looking for more plugs so that my battery won't die. Check y'all later.

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danae said...

I don't get it. I went to google and searched Inglewood in Atlanta. This website came up, so i read the passage that is on my page... but surprisingly the passage has nothing to do with Inglewood...or a rude boy. Why is the name of the webstie Inglewood rude boy? Are you from Inglewood or could you just not think of any other name? I'm confused. Please answer my questions. Thanks.