Sunday, February 19, 2006


Last night, my beautiful and wonderful wife, surprised me with a birthday party for my 40th! It literally blew me away. All of my close frat, friends, and family were there as we celebrated at Tangerine in West Hollywood. I'm still recovering from the many glasses of champagne and Makers Mark & Water, so forgive me for the brevity. Below are pictures from the party...
My wife April and I...
My frat brothers Sean Carter, Robert Lyons, Me, and Ray Dennis
My mother and I cheesin'
My oldest friend Tony Jordan
My film school compadre M.K. Asante, one of my oldest friends and best friend of April, Karen Simi, and April.
My best friend and best man in my wedding, Rob Lyons and Me.

MORE PHOTOS LATER as they get sent to me.


Bullet Proof Diva said...

that's Fantastic L! I imagine she was doing some serious covert operations trying to keep you in the dark, LOL.

You guys look lovely in the pics!

Happy 40th!!

David said...

Hey Lawrence, happy birthday! Hope you had a good one.

Your wife looks like a movie star, man.

Hope "Men of Our Times" is coming along well. I'd love to see pages if you feel like sharing. See you Thursday (still haven't heard back from Bravo, so we'll see how things go...)

Lawrence said...

She really did because I had not a clue. She told me we were meeting my boy Tony and his wife Lisa for dinner. I walked in and saw folks from around the country. It was great.

Dave, my wife was secretly going into my computer to find folks, and she tried to find your email address for an invite, but didn't know your last name, so she could invite you. But she meant to.

As for the showrunning, we're still gathering stuff. I'll write it on Wednesday.