Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Back from Purdue...

I have had the pleasure of meeting some great people on this current tour. Renee Thomas, director of the Black Cultural Center at Purdue (if you're ever in the area, stop in. It will blow your mind.) was simply sweet as can be. And the BGLO members I met were eager, and looked like they want to move their organizations forward. It was a great time.

Back at home. My 40th birthday is about to come up on February 20th, and I'm feeling pretty good. The ole diet is just rolling along (thanks Zankou Chicken!) and I've just about gotten rid of my lecture tour gut.

My agent called and said that Kensington wants to buy my fiction novel called Money Shot. That's cool. So they would be publishing the fiction version, while I would be writing the non-fiction version for Thunder's Mouth. Now I have to change the non-fiction title from Money Shot to something else. I'm up for suggestions.

Oh, and I finally got in touch with the porn talent agency guy. So we're a go for interviews, and day in the life, yada, yada.

My Act II is ROLLING. It is so rich that it's sort of like eating cheesecake. You eat it in small bites, rather than large ones. That's how I'm writing. One page, then stop. Another page, then stop. Just let it flow naturally and don't try to do too much.

The annual UCLA showcase is about to happen too. Last year, after I was admitted, I went to the showcase to hear screenplays by current students. It was really cool, even though I didn't know anyone. Your script gets read by industry folks who then pick about three or four for the showcase. Then, actors read your script. Cool. I'm going to enter MEN OF THEIR TIMES.

Right now, I'm going to kick back and catch up on the last episode of 24, watch the Arsenal vs. Liverpool match I missed, and then see who Dick Cheney shot today.


Kemp said...

Cool, I didn't realize Thunder's Mouth was publishing your book. They published mine last year. What editor are you working with?

Lawrence said...

Cool. Anita Diggs is my editor.

Hustleman said...

Love the blog...Good luck with the UCLA showcase. Expect an e-mail from me soon, because I have a few professional questions that I would love to ask you.

Also, my mother and stapfather have "The Divine Nine" at their house. She's a Delta, and he's a Que.