Monday, February 20, 2006

Back to Work...

This week:

Finish Act II by next Monday
Contact Howard University to make sure they have books for my Saturday signing
Go to Fred Rubin's Comedy Class on Tuesday
Go to the Showcase meeting on Tuesday
Fly to Baltimore to speak at the Baltimore City Community College on Wednesday morning
Fly back to LA on Wednesday evening
Finish writing the showrunning analysis by Thursday's class
Set up meeting with my science mentor for Men Of Their Times
Set up a reading by MFA actors so that I can hear how my script is sounding.
Contact porn talent scout to set up time so that I can spend the day.
Contact Lexington Steele again to start doing more research
Set up interviews with porn actresses
Contact agent to see what's up with non-fiction Money Shot contract.
Contact agent to see what's up with deadlines for fiction Money Shot manuscript.
Fly to Washington DC on Friday to sign on Saturday
Go to Fred Rubin's class on Sunday

Weight Loss To Date:
Starting Weight Loss: 226lb
Week Seven Weight: 213lb
Goal Weight: 205lb

After I kill the last eight pounds, then I begin weight training and "body sculpting". Time to get some definition.

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