Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ten More Pages...

I have CLASS today. Class?? I'm so damn tired right now, I could sleep all day. I took a Friday red eye to Washington DC (after HORRIBLE customer service from United Airlines. United, if you're reading this, fire the three LAX counter reps you employed for the United Flight 308 to BWI. They are EMBARRASSING, and the reason why you're in bankruptcy. Thank you.). We landed at 8am, which gave me no time to do anything but shower and change. I was at Howard all day, which was fun, and then back on the plane that evening to get back home. Got home around 11pm. And this is the SECOND time I had this scenario this week. I'm worn out.

So it's class, and then coming home for a bit of rest. Hopefully, I can write ten more pages to get to 80s, so I'll be at or close to the end of my Act II. After that, MEN OF THEIR TIMES will be all downhill.


Jay Clayton said...

Well I see you stay busy!

I am currently watching a 2hr special on PBS "Alpha Phi Alpha Men/Leaders"

I am sure you already know about it.

But as a Kappa Man, I figured I would check it out.

Lawrence said...

That doc has been a hit, but it has yet to play on the West Coast (at least in LA). Thanks for coming by the blog and hope ya come back!