Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tough Week...

This has been a tough week. The Houston Exxon lecture went GREAT and the people were absolutely fabulous. If you're ever in Houston and you hear that the Texas Southern University Jazz Ensemble is playing, GO! They played before I spoke and I could have listened to them all afternoon.

As for my work, Men Of Their Times is coming along, but I'm running smack into a scene where I need to talk about science. I don't have a science mentor yet, because of something that needs to be resolved, but that's finally holding me back from finishing my Act I. Today and tomorrow, I'm going to try to work around it.

For the comedy class, I'm still trying to finish my premise. I've changed it SO many times because it wasn't organic. But I think I have one ready. This week, we're to write a four page characters meeting scene, along with a minor character breakdown. I've started, but not finished it.

The brain was a bit tired this week, and I need a rest. It gets no better next week as I have to travel again, so that means I'll be tired. But it's gut check time.

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