Saturday, February 11, 2006

Back From MD...

I'm not normally affected by jetlag, but I think the time difference really helped me. My clock has been all f#$%ked up, but going to the East Coast seemed to get me back on track. It's midnight right now, and if I go to bed at 2am versus 4:30am, then it will be back to normal.

My gig at Salisbury was fun, and my Alpha brothers were GREAT! Sometimes I wish others knew how great it is to meet fraternity brothers who really are good peeps. The brothers on the Maryland Eastern Shore are those types of brothers.

I was able to do a LOT of work on MEN OF THEIR TIMES. Tightened up the dialogue, added a couple of scenes, and I'm close to the end of the first act. I'll probably cut out a scene to keep the first act around Page 35. But it's really beginning to get nice and tight.

This weekend, I have to get going on my showrunning class. Because of speaking gigs, I've missed the last two classes, and I have a project due with a partner. We're doing an analysis of the Sci-Fi Channel. Next week, I miss both Hal's 434 and Fred's comedy class while speaking at Purdue.

We've got a Chuckie Cheese party on Sunday for the Munchkin, so that should be fun.

Diet still rolling along. Still hard to eat well on the road. But I didn't mess up. The belly is about ten pounds from being gone, and although I initially said I'd go down to 190lb, that was straight laughs. I'll get down to 205lbs and be happy. So that means I need to lose another 11lbs, and then I'm set.


Danyel said...

on the road! doin' big thangs as per usual, L.

Lawrence said...

Nah, I'm just tryin' to get from out of your shadow! lol Hey, hit me up on the private email ( I have a question to ask you. I think you or your husband may be able to help me out on something.