Monday, August 15, 2005


Today, I was running around doing things for the house and UCLA. I had a $35 bill that put a hold on my registration, so I had to spend $25 worth of gas to pay it. But I've got to say that grad school class schedules rock! Right now, I only have class on Monday and Tuesday. That means I have all week to not only get my work in, but I can also work on my next non-fiction book project. I don't know how bad the work load is for film school but I'll soon see.

As for FWB, I left a message with Howard University bookstore about vending at the AKA stepshow in DC. The Congressional Black Caucus is happening on the same day, so Karibu won't be able to do it. But Howard should.

That's about all today. Tomorrow, I start getting in touch with groups who've offered to host my signings. Oh, and I had a nice convo with Tayari Jones. Check out her blog on the right and purchase her book, The Untelling. It's on my book tour reading list. See y'all tomorrow.


Tammee said...

Thanks for introducing me to Tayari Jones. She is a wonderful storyteller and I am looking forward to reading both of her books.

Lawrence said...

No problem! She's a cool sister and I can't wait to get the book. One of the funny things is that I really don't get a chance to read often, so this will be nice.