Saturday, August 27, 2005

This Weekend...

Got the house fumigated to kill all the termites and we lamped at the LAX Holiday Inn for two days. The six year old loved it. Cartoon Network, a bed to bounce on, and watching the planes go by while eating fast food, priceless to him. In the meantime, I fought hellafied traffic to commute back and forth to Universal City to lecture and sign books at the Delta convention. Not a bad sale. My identity is as a non-fiction author, so I have to get folks into the mindset that it's not impossible to do both non-fiction and fiction. The response was pretty darn good and we sold a lot of books.

So things are going to be mad hectic over the next five days. We close escrow and move by September 1st, so hopefully I can get prepared for the tour. During the tour, I post how things went. Sometimes I'll have a bunch of folks at the event, and during others, only a few. You can't let your ego get either inflated or deflated either way.

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