Thursday, August 18, 2005

Drop Ins...

My dynamo sales bulldog at Kensington Books, Jessica Mclean, called me today and said that she wants me to do "drop ins" at a number of bookstores during my tour. Drop ins are when you go to the local Borders, Waldens, etc., meet the manager so there's a face to your book and perhaps sign stock, or even do a short booksigning for people who are in the store. I try to do drop in wherever I am. If I know I'll be in the airport, I try to find out which bookstores are in the sector I'll be in. Then, they can have my book available, and I can at least sign books while waiting for me flight. Drop ins are essential to building the momentum for your book and keeping it on the tongue of the booksellers. Because a lot of readers walk into their local bookstore without a clue about what they want to read. The easiest thing for them to do is ask the staff. And if you're not an egotistical ass, most staff will remember you and suggest your book. This is crucial once your book finishes selling to everyone in your circle. So look for a ton of new places on the tour list. When they are drop ins, I will not them. Perhaps you can stop by and say hello?

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