Thursday, August 10, 2006

Miss Snark...

Is the best damn blog on the book industry in the world. Seriously. Miss Snark is a literary agent and she, like most agents including my own, is blunt and straight to the point. I suggest ANYONE interested in writing a book click on the link to the right.

More writing tonight. Word count to be updated soon.


Jay Clayton said...

Yeh I have Read Ms. Snark's blog before.. I think there is a movie in there somewhere!

Imagine a cold as ice literary agent (Ms. Snark) that is the hot stuff around town & owner of the best literary agency in NY. One day she gets a query letter from a budding romance novelist. She responds nastly to his query letter while ripping him a new butthole in the process.

A few months later MS. Snark encounters the same handsome young romance novelist (who she thought was a woman that queried her. Let say the guy has an AMBIGOUS name like Jamie Wilson) the two talk and Ms. Snark the Ice Queen finally reads Jamie's manuscript. Jamie's manuscript is about love & redemption. Ms. Snark... falls in love with Jamie (of course) through his manuscript. So Jamie softens the ICE QUEEN... who sells his manuscript(which eventually becomes a BESTSELLER).
The two fall in love and live happily ever after.

Unruly Brown said...

Wow, what a coincidence. Or maybe it's just that Miss Snark's blog is the talk of the "town." It IS great stuff though!!

Lawrence said...

I swear that book publishing is an a. to b. to c. thing, but folks simply don't want to hear that. So we NEED Miss Snark. We must HAVE Miss Snark. lol