Sunday, August 06, 2006


I'm reading the 48 Laws of Power, and in this modern version of Machiavelli's The Prince, you really see how ruthless one must be to gain power. I guess that's why it appeals to a lot of hip hop artists, who are attracted to its principles. With anything, you have to make a decision whether the ends justify the means. But it's a great read.


odo coileus said...

It's a great book. I don't know the details on the author's background, but there probably is an LA/industry connection in his past.

I read the book the summer after a year spent on various TV sets. It struck me as a primer on Hollywood.

Mamet has described a movie set as a kind of feudal society - and he'd know.

His Seduction is also supposed to be good. Haven't got around to reading it yet. My first impression is that it's Hollywood, the Advanced Course.

Lawrence said...

I saw the cat on CNN and he's a dweebish type of guy. Don't know if he knew that folks would basically take an academic book and use it for hip hop and