Thursday, August 03, 2006

Today's Output..

Only about four hundred words today, but no sweat. Tomorrow, I'm going to contact one of the porn talent agencies and see if I can interview a few of their women clients. I'm looking for a woman who's about to start her first scene.

Good news on the NBC/NAACP scene. Even though I didn't get the fellowship, the fellow from NBC said that he wanted to meet with me after he got back from vacation. That's TREMENDOUSLY generous of him, and I'll meet with him in two weeks. See? Never get down because something doesn't go your way. Keep plugging away. I know this is cliche, but it takes many, many hammer strokes on marble to make a sculpture.

I need to see what's happening with my fiction project at Kensington. With Karen gone, they're going to assign another editor to it. When I last talked to Karen, she'd said that I'd receive the manuscript back with her notes around this time. Obviously, things have changed. So I'll call Manie.

It's 2:44am, and I think I'm going to write a little bit more on Bestseller. I SOOOOOOO have a better grasp of what I'm doing now. I've had a full year of watching movies (which I don't normally do) and the light bulb has come on in so many areas. Begining my 434 script now does a bunch of things. One, I'm going to do twenty units so that I can coast in the winter with only my 434 left to graduate. After that, I can figure out if I want to pay for my Spring quarter or just prep for book releases.

But I can also relax by writing Bestseller now. The ten weeks is pretty stressful, so why not see how it works when the stress is off? Lastly, I can use the 434 time to rewrite the script according to my 434 teacher's instructions.

Another thing. Kevin Smith (Clerks, Jersey Girl, et al) is teaching a podcast type of class this quarter. I applied and my writing partners in the program (Phil, Simon, Dave, etc) have applied too. This is going to be a good class.


David said...


What's the story on the Kevin Smith class? Are we to have already applied for some courses? I'd assumed it was too early.

Hope everything's going well. You sound pretty busy, as usual.

Lawrence said...

There was an email sent out to the producers, and then they decided to send it out to the screenwriters list. I'll shoot you an email with the details because I don't think it's too late. They're going to have some sort of audition for the class because I think too many folks have applied.

Yeah, I'm busy, but trying to chill as much as possible. How are you doing?

David said...

Thanks a lot. I'll check for the e-mail. I must've completely glossed over it on the mailing list.

I'm doing okay--kind of bored out of my mind now that I'm back in Omaha, and it's very weird to be home now since Dad is gone (I might not come back for Thanksgiving - my mom and sister may come to L.A. instead), but I'm anxious to get back to school.

Had one of the best months of my life while assistant teaching at USC. Met a lot of great people and have really thought a lot about teaching at the university level in the future. Give my best to your wife and son.