Friday, August 18, 2006


I think I'm going to get a massage. There's a place in Brentwood, right around the corner from UCLA, called the Massage Place, and are the best. I played soccer again last night, and I feel stiff. My wind is getting a bit better, but damn, I still can't get used to the fact that I'm not 21 years old, or even 30. A brotha is getting wore out.

I had my pen ultimate interview with the company I hope to work for. Again, things went great. So now, I only have an hour conference about a writing sample. That's on Tuesday. Hopefully, things will be settled after that.

On the writing front, I have a bunch of stuff ahead of me. So I will write tonight, through the morning, and through Saturday. I think I'll stop on Sunday and take the fam out for Mexican food.

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Unruly Brown said...

You know what? That's the key to regular exercise. Finding something you ENJOY (like playing soccer) rather than trying to work up the motivation to go get on a boring Lifecycle. If you can have FUN exercising regularly, you'll be much more inclined to keep it up. I like soccer too. They have a women's soccer league here that I've been thinking about joining and showing out in. lol