Sunday, April 30, 2006

Men of their Times Rewrite...Sorta...

With the NBC/NAACP Fellowship, I had to unexpectedly go through Men of their Times. It took all weekend, but I finished. It wasn't really a rewrite, but I saw things I could fix immediately and did so. For some reason, Final Draft had corrupted my script, so I had to go through it line by line.

Next on the list is to read a script sent to me for a possible polish or rewrite. I'll know when I'm done reading it. I have to finish that damn author's questionaire from Thunder's Mouth ( I HATE questionaires) because I'm WAY overdue. And then I need to work on Yardies. I need to get to the end of Act One by the end of the week. Oh, and I'm doing some Money Shot work on Thursday.

It's back to the grind.

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