Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Howard Suber is the MAN!

Okay, we have a professor at UCLA named Howard Suber, and he is a GOD. Pure and simple. G.O.D. He teaches a film structure class that breaks down, well, film. It's hard to explain why it's good, but it's like someone is explaining to you that you've been speaking English all of your life, but there's a secret language called English 2.0, and this language opens your world to a whole new meaning. That's what Suber does. I'm not a film guy. I'm a writer who is becoming a film guy. And Suber is explaining what I'm seeing beyond the flickering of the images and dialogue. As I listen to him, I'm writing notes and then making adjustments to my Yardies script. If I ran UCLA TFT (as though they'll ask me), I would make Howard MANDATORY for every entering screenwriter. The first class they take. And then, they can go about writing scripts.

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