Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Okay, for some reason, UCLA creates scheduling conflicts with a LOT of popular classes. I'm taking four classes this quarter (gotta get some bang for my $5000 bucks). They are great classes. Peter Guber on Monday. On Thursday, I have a class on the Art of Presentation with the former prez of William Morris. That's cool. Now's the problem. There's a legendary prof named Howard Suber who's teaching a class on Film Structure. It's pretty much a MUST class to take at UCLA. But the problem is that I have a 434 prof I wanted to pitch on Wednesday. UCLA scheduled the classes at the same time. So I had to make a decision, and decided to go with pitching two 434 profs on Tuesday. Now I'm actually happy with the 434 profs I pitched to on Tuesday, but I hate being limited. Anyway, I'm tired as hell. Tomorrow, I help get the showcase scripts sent out. After that, I'm going to sleep in.

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