Sunday, June 26, 2005


Well, it is obvious that I didn't finish Project X on June 25th. That sucks because things are starting to pile up. I have gone through the Project X manuscript however, and I've gotten started on the post-finished editing I will do before sending it to my agent. But I want to finish writing this by June 30th, because July 1st is the start of "my get in shape before touring program". Nobody wants to see an ice cream belly on an author, so I need to get my behind in the gym. (Full disclosure: Breyers Ice Cream is evil and I've just eaten a bowl.)

So when the Project X is done and sent off to the agent, I will focus almost exclusively on Friends With Benefits (for all of you The Making of a Bestseller readers) and BlackCafeLit. FWB has a ton of things, so I think most of you will find it fascinating how I put things together. BlackCafeLit is REALLY the killer ap and I can't wait to start shooting.

Again, do me a favor, I check stat counter so I can see where folks are coming from (we've got a few people from Finland!), but I'd like to see some names. So do me a favor and leave a comment, letting me know where you are located and what you do.

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