Monday, June 13, 2005

Just Got Back...

It's about eleven and I've just got back from UCLA's Screenwriters Showcase. BTW, something is up with the "v" on my Powerbook. For some reason, it's not working consistently. Anyway, it was cool seeing five screenplays read. I met MFA students Yule Caise (who had his screenplay read), Dave Garber (who won honorable mention) and a fellow Loyola High alum and screenwriter named Jango Sircus. Good folks.

Nothing but writing tomorrow. I've been in a rut for some reason, but I think my agent is going to start asking questions if I don't get my Project X done soon.

I should be receiving galleys for Friends With Benefits any time now. After that, I'll talk to my publisher and see what their plans are for publicity. I have some definite questions based on my first two books. Enough. It's time to get some sleep.

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